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What do you want in a floor?

  • Easy Clean?
  • Comfort?
  • Durability?
  • Portability?

These 4 points characterise a Swisstrax Flooring Solution.

You could argue that any floor can deliver on the first 3 criteria - although easy clean is always subjective as too how often you use a vacum and how much effort is needed to keep the "work place tidy'? With Ribtrax you Never need to vacum again!!!

Most commercial business operations have a front of house and a Workshop, dispatch or warehouse and therein lies the rub.

A cold dusty or damp "back of house" inevitably tramps that into the front office and carpet gets dirty, discoloured and ugly. many switch to tiles - expensive - Very slippery when wet and cold are three attributes that come to mind.

Swisstrax Tiles come in open Ribtrax and Rubbertrax and the more aesthetic Vinyltrax - a new line we are introducing specifically for Commercial and residential "In House" applications. 

Swisstrax is a comfortable "walk on" solution. Avoids any slip hazzard concerns, can be colour matched to your preference and we can even insert company logos into your entranceway floor- and customer will immediately see the difference.

Portability and changing the floor to suit changing priorities are the two keys that make Swisstrax the best solution by far. Moving to bigger premises? So now you take Your Swisstrax floor with you. The carpet underneath will cean up just as good as the day you had the Swisstrax installed.