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The Quality Design of Swisstrax Commercial Flooring Tiles

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Swisstrax commercial flooring tiles are durable, attractive, cost effective and completely customizable. These commercial flooring tiles will stand up to the demands of your business. These tiles will with stand temperatures up to 248F and as low as -22F. These commercial flooring tiles will not chip or break and can withstand up to 70,000 pounds. These commercial flooring tiles easily will support any support jacks, jack stands and more. If one of the commercial flooring tiles does happen to get damaged they are extremely easy to pop up and replace. Each tile averages five dollars or less in cost and is quick and easy to install, even a child can do it.

Damage Resistant Commercial Flooring Tiles

The unique design of Swisstrax commercial flooring tiles allows for liquids and other sediment to pass through hiding those unsightly oil stains, leaks, and dirt. To clean the commercial flooring tiles just spray them down and viola they are clean.

Customizable Commercial Flooring Tiles

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Swisstrax commercial flooring tiles are uniquely designed and can be used in several commercial applications. They come in 17 colors and five designs that allow you to custom design your commercial flooring tiles for use in a showroom, dance floor, for trade shows, gym flooring, office flooring and more. Swisstrax commercial flooring tiles can even be customized with a logo or design of your choosing to make your commercial uses have that extra touch of professionalism.

When it comes to flooring and surfaces, there are a variety of different types of homes and businesses that utilize commercial floor tiles. In order to be effective, commercial floor tiles need to be extremely durable and resistant in order to withstand spills and highly trafficked areas. Additionally, the floors in certain specialized businesses need to provide the ability to be cleaned easily and quickly.

Generally, commercial floor tiles are used in certain businesses like offices, restaurants, hotels and schools. This is because many companies usually don't want to replace their floors on a regular basis and favor low maintenance options. Because of this situation, there are typically a few different types of businesses that simply can't go wrong by using tiles as their main surface.

Without question, hotels are one of the biggest business types that use commercial floor tiles. Because they are ideal for highly trafficked areas like lobbies, pool areas and bathrooms, hotels will usually utilize a lot of different tile designs throughout the establishment. With benefits like easy maintenance and the ability to be cleaned easy, hotels simply cannot go wrong with commercial floor tiles.

Because of their unique ability to be easily cleaned, commercial floor tiles are perfect for hospitals. Not only that, but commercial floor tiles are also easy to replace, waterproof and available in a variety of different shapes, sizes and colors, which proves to be a great advantage for hospitals. With the many different options that are available, these innovative floors tiles are perfect for many different hospital settings.

Another type of business that utilizes commercial floor tiles is a restaurant. Like hospitals and hotels, restaurants will typically take advantage of this flooring option because of how easy the tiles are to clean. This proves to be extremely important in the restaurant business because of the potential of having food spilled. The last thing that a food establishment wants to have happen is food spilling and staining the carpet. In fact, there are even a variety of different commercial floor tiles that are come stain resistant.

Car Showrooms

Car showrooms have a unique challenge when it comes to their options for commercial floor. They need a surface that is durable enough to handle foot traffic, yet which also can hold up to the heavy weights of the cars themselves. In this case, floor tiles prove to be a winner. They can meet extremely rigorous demands of day to day use. For example, tiles from Swisstrax can hold up to 70,000 pounds.

When it comes to your commercial floor options, you should definitely consider interlocking tiles. This solution will provide the durability and versatility you need. They are also extremely economical when compared with other options for flooring that are currently available.