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Any existing solid floor surface can be covered with Swisstrax® interlocking floor tiles.

Common applications include Garage Flooring, Patios, Gymns, Showrooms, Car Dealerships, Aircraft Hangars, Racing Pits and mechanical workshops, Hospitality Areas, childrens playgrounds, around spa pools and swimming pools.

Most importantly - Swisstrax meets Antibacterial and Antimicrobial concerns by being highly resistant to nasties like e coli and s aureus bacteria - so this is easier to keep clean than carpet and vinyls that tend to harbour germs - especially for young children who play on the floor and "everything goes in the mouth"?

Swisstrax has been tested and certified to the Australian and NZ standard for slip resistance (wet method) AS/NZS 4586:2004 Appendix A Class X and meets many other requirements for solvent and chemical resistance, foodsafe regulations and will not burn or sustain burning.

A full suite of testing certificates is available to answer any questions on request.  .

Improve the Look of Your Floor

Undenably Swisstrax interlocking floor tiles are a great way to improve the look of your floor, or to cover up any imperfections such as cracks or stains on concrete or even a wooden floor or deck. The open rib construction of Ribtrax avoids trapping water or moisture under the tile and rotting or damaging a wooden deck, jetty or floor - so that the finished surface is "great to walk on and admire" while the underlying less elegant structure remains sound.

The Swisstrax floor can be installed over any existing subfloor - including ashphalt and for Events we actually can lay the tiles on grass and park cars and machinery ontop - without any fear of damaging the tiles.