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Epoxy Floor

An Epoxy Floor can look great and transform the look of many garages. Many people love applying an epoxy floor to their garage, basement, or workshop because it cleans up better than a traditional floor, and has a great shine and glossy look if applied right.

Disadvantages of an Epoxy Floor

However, what most people don't realize, is that the shine of an epoxy floor only lasts so long, and more often than not begins peeling and blemishing sooner than you expect.

If your garage or workshop floor has any cracks or chips, you will need to get them patched up before applying the epoxy. Although an epoxy floor cleans up better than non-treated concrete, dirt will still stand out and water will pool for days, even if the floor is graded properly.

Learn the pros and cons of an Epoxy Floor:

Epoxy Floor paint wears fast and can begin bubbling immediately or soon after application, therefore, it is in your best interest to find a company that guarantees your floor will last. If you're looking at applying epoxy floor paint to your garage or workshop, take your time to shop around and make sure your supplier offers a warranty.

Epoxy Floor Paint Warranty

Most warranties for epoxy floor paint are limited guarantees of 3-5 years. This warranty generally applies to floors that have been finished by professionals. In the end, you have to ask yourself if the cost of hiring professionals and getting a warranty outweighs the risk of applying epoxy floor paint by yourself.

Epoxy Floor Paint Durability

Epoxy Floors can bubble and loose their shine soon after application, creating frustration and additional expenses. Furthermore, if you're planning on driving or parking on your epoxy floor, be aware that tires can pull up the flooring. Some automobile fluides will eat through your epoxy floors and cause them to bubble and peel.

The bottom line is, epoxy floors are not as durable as alternative flooring options. If you plan on getting epoxy floors, make sure you are willing to compromise durability for appearance.

Maintaining Epoxy Flooring

If you get epoxy flooring, you will want to apply a sealer every 1-2 years to prevent blemishes and maintain the shine. However, what most people don't realize, is that their epoxy flooring doesn't always keep well between these coatings.

If your epoxy flooring doesn't last as long as you expect, stop hassling around with maintenance and start looking around for alternative flooring options.

Swisstrax vs. Epoxy

It is easy to compare how Swisstrax flooring is superior to an epoxy floor covering. Swisstrax produces garage floor tiles that will fit perfectly in any room or area. Enjoy the freedom of customizing your floor tiles until you are fully satisfied.

Compare Swisstrax to Epoxy Floor


Feature   Swisstrax              Epoxy Floor Covering
15 year limited warranty YES  NO
No hazardous materials or toxic fumes   YES NO
No acid - washing or surface preparation  YES  NO
Fully installed in hours  YES NO
Not affected by moisture or automotive chemicals  YES  NO
Not affected by new or existing foundation concrete cracks  YES NO
Excellent slip resistance when wet  YES  NO
Not affected by hot tires  YES  NO
Easy to repair if damaged  YES NO
Easily installed and moved by homeowner   YES  NO