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Swisstrax Anti-Fatigue Mats

Swisstrax Anti-Fatigue mats are ideal for work areas, gyms & other applications where a softer tile is desired or where someone may be standing for long periods of time. The open profile of the Anti-Fatigue mats facilitates easy cleaning.

All Anti-Fatigue mats are the same size and can be integrated with the regular tiles, but they do not withstand as much rollover or compressive weight so they are not recommended to be placed under heavy objects or driven on. This soft, more flexible tile is great for areas where an Anti-Fatigue floor is needed.

Anti-Fatigue Mats Specifications

Anti Fatigue Mats: Bikeshopsmall2
Material: 75% Thermoplastic Elastomer & 25% Polypropylene copolymer
Chemical Resistance: (UV stabilized)
Alkalis: Excellent
Acids/Solvents: Good
Tile weight: 32 oz
Slide: Non-slip
Temperature tolerances: -38c to 120c
Compressive strength: 1200 psi

We recommend Anti-Fatigue Mats for:

Event FloorsGarage Flooring
GymsGarage Flooring
OfficesGarage Flooring
Safety Flooring
Show BoothsGarage Flooring
Anti-fatigue mats are available in our eco-friendly Rubbertrax material, made from 100% recycled content including tires and car bumpers. 

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