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RIBTRAX - First and Best Choice By Far

Ribtrax is used for garage flooring, patios, showrooms, gyms, child play centres, around swimming pools and in any other work or home related application.

Ribtrax is a durable, non-slip (AS/NZS 4586:2004 Appendix A (wet method) Class X approved for pedestrian use - product. Additionally has been tested as being non-toxic, is easy to clean, resists fading and distortion even under our harshest UV conditions "Down Under". Ribtrax tiles resist the most common corrosive solvents and chemicals that are found in general daily use and even those that are more volatile commercial applications. Ribtrax has a high flame resistance (HB Certification) and has both antibacterial and Antimicrobial properties.

Ribtrax is backed by a 15 year warranty and has manufactured a range of recycled "ECOtrax tiles for those who want to enjoy the best of both ideals. 

Swisstrax Ribtrax floors offer every home or business the all around solution where you make a one time purchase and then get to use it over and over again. With a Swisstrax floor you have a unique product - A floor you can LAY, PLAY &  then TAKE IT AWAY !!

Ribtrax "Best Party Trick" is the never need to clean the floor again one! Ribtrax stops dirt, dust, water, animal hair and even wind blown leaves entering your home. How many times has something been "tracked in from the garage" onto carpet or tiled areas? All these nasties largely "disappear" through the open Ribs and at worst you never need clean the floor again - at best - you just use a blower vac to BLAST the debris out the garage door. It's also easy to walk on and not cold hard damp concrete, or soggy smelly and even wet carpet floor. What the eye doesn't see and the nose cannot smell - the heart and brain doesn't "feel".  

  • Perfect Fit for any Floor, lay it over concrete, asphalt or even timber - no preparation just sweep the floor!!
  • Swisstrax floors that fit in any room or area.
  • Enjoy the freedom of customising your floor to suit the mood, the car or the decor
  • Because our garage floors can be removed or added to suit changing needs the opportunities are endless.
  • No specialist tools required to install - If you can do LEGO you can lay a Swisstrax floor.
  • Wont buckle when maneuvering in the garage (unlike most other products do)
  • A one time "lifetime" purchase


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