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Recycled Rubber Flooring

Recycled Rubber Flooring 

Recycled rubber flooring from Swisstrax has been LEED Certified because it contains 100% postconsumer recycled content and is the only recycled rubber flooring tile of its kind. The recycled rubber flooring also comes almost entirely from materials in the local region. Rubbertrax, Swisstrax's recycled rubber flooring product comes only in black. The Rubbertrax program keeps tons of material out of landfills.

Recycled Floor Tiles: Recycled Flooring sm

Rubbertrax, or recycled rubber flooring, enables consumers to purchase a superior product with the added benefit of protecting the environment. Rubbertrax recycled rubber flooring enables you to sell back your floor when you no longer need it to Swisstrax. Swisstrax will take your old floor and reprocess it into a brand new recycled rubber flooring product. Your floor will stay in use over and over again.

Recycled rubber flooring from Swisstrax also installs incredibly quickly. In 10 minutes, you can have a fully functioning recycled rubber floor. Click on any of the options on the right to contact a Swisstrax professional.

Recycled Rubber Flooring Features:
Swisstrax recycled rubber flooring tiles are approved for fit, form and function. This means that they are fit for purpose and are warranted for 7 years.
Variations of Recycled Rubber Flooring Rubbertrax from Other Swisstrax Products:
Comes only in black
More susceptible to aging due to weather
Roll-over weight of around 25,000 lbs. (Same as most competitors new products)
Increased thermal expansion and contraction

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