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Swisstrax Modular Floor Specifications

  • Swisstrax products have temperature tolerances of -30c + 120c

  • Compressive strength 360 kg/cm

  • Rollover strength greater than 32,000Kg

  • Hot tires don’t mark Swisstrax tiles.

  • Swisstrax offers more colors to better match your product.

  • Swisstrax products are resistant to Skydrol, the most corrosive hydraulic fluid we know of, as well as other hydraulic fluids and brake fluids

  • Resists battery acid, great to put under golf carts, tractors, etc.

  • Four point injection mold which prevents edges from curling.

  • Slight bow in middle of tile making for tighter fit when compressed and giving the tile’s memory the best place to return back to avoiding corners curling over time and when compressed by weight.

  • 20-24 connectors per tile for tightest fit allowing car tires to be turned on the product without it pulling apart.

  • Swisstrax has the most material per sqm. Heavier tiles that are more durable than others.

  • No more than 9.5mm inch gap anywhere underneath the tile to support the most weight even right out to the edges.

  • Supports jacks, jack stands, etc.

  • Swisstrax are made with UV stabilizers so it won’t fade in the sun. Even after years in the desert heat.

  • Non-slip when wet – has the right mix of plastic and rubber compounds so it’s not slippery when wet.

  • Impervious to most chemicals – made from PP, same as your gas tank and bumper on your car.

  • Cleans up easily with vacuuming sweeping, mopping or use a buffer and soft pad.