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Indio, Calif. – Reading an article in Garage Style Magazine featuring the custom-built Big Dog Garage in Burbank, California, Swisstrax Corporation, saw the flooring used in the garage and decided they had to help out with setting up a great floor to complement the renowned car collection.

With the assistance from Don Weberg of Garage Style Magazine, Swisstrax was able to set a meeting with Leno and part of the garage team. He first met up with Mr. Bernard Juchli, a native Swiss, and Leno’s "mechanical genius". Swisstrax had chance to meet with Leno and install some car pads into Jay Leno's Garage, Big Dog Garage.

They were particularly surprised that a plastic floor tile could withstand the weight of a 6,000 lb. car and Swisstrax were equally impressed with the Big Dog car collection and the fact that Bernard, George, Jim, Per and others on the garage team built the cars from the ground up and turned them into what is seen as one of the finest collections around.

The Big Dog Garage team loved the fact that the Swisstrax team brought along 3 elementary school aged children to help on the floor pad installation, and were thrilled with the floor pads themselves (Swisstrax’s Pearl Silver and Slate Grey Ribtrax were used in a "parking pattern" design).

Swisstrax earns Kudos from Jay Leno's Garage from Swisstrax Modular Flooring on Vimeo.

"This is huge... to have our floor tiles in the Big Dog Garage is yet another confirmation of Swisstrax being renowned as the best modular floor tile in the world."

The Swisstrax Ribtrax car pads are currently used to display the collection of Duesenbergs (one of Jay Leno’s prides) and Bugattis, and their Ribtrax Anti-Fatigue tiles were used in pads around machines in the workshop, which was appreciated by workers who stand for long periods of time around the larger equipment that requires constant surveillance.

How does Swisstrax plan to ensure the Big Dog Garage is a satisfied customer for life? As noted by the team at Swisstrax, "Our best image is the quality of the products we supply. Swiss Engineered and Made in the USA. The personalities at Swisstrax are easy going and willing to help wherever necessary. We care about our products and our clients. We back every tile we sell!"

"Many competitors have been at this for years and yet Swisstrax was chosen over and above all other tile suppliers and any type of paint or epoxy coatings. This is huge. We know we have the best product on the market but to get products in the Big Dog Garage is yet another confirmation of Swisstrax being renowned as the best modular floor tile in the world."